Kira Christoffersson, B.Sc., EEM- AP, CAIEHP
Eden Energy Medicine - Advanced Practitioner
Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner


Whether you are dealing with a health crisis or interested in having greater health and vitality in your life, I am dedicated to helping your achieve your highest vision of health and well-being. 
Many of my clients want to:

  • reduce chronic stress or anxiety
  • address a health challenge that they can't seem to change
  • clear old energetic patterns that have created habits that no longer serve them
  • resolve health issues that they have tried to resolve through traditional methods with little or no results
  • prepare and/or recover from surgery
  • build resistance to dis-ease and strengthen their immune system
  • achieve peak performance in their work or athletic pursuits
  • improve their energy, joy and vitality


Plan of Care:

In the initial session (60-90 minutes), we will review your health history, discuss your health concerns and goals, and address your questions.  We will then clarify your overall intention for healing and co-create a plan for working together. 


With you fully clothed and lying down on a treatment table, I will test your energy systems to detect energy imbalances.  I will also use my high sense perception and intuition to determine where restrictions and imbalances are being held, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Energy Work:

I will first evaluate and then work to correct imbalances in your energy systems. Every treatment is uniquely designed for you, as I address your particular imbalances and facilitate coherence in your field. The energy treatment is facilitated with gentle touch, some massage-like movements and holding of acupressure points.  I will also work off the body in the field to balance certain energy systems. I will often guide you to listen deeply to your own body’s wisdom, helping you be an active participant in your healing process.

Self-empowering techniques:

Sessions will conclude with me teaching you self-care energy techniques that you can easily do at home to maintain the energy shifts and build strength and vitality in yourself.

“Energy field manipulation may be the most direct and powerful way to influence the healing process, and the least likely to produce harmful effects.”
Dr. James Oschman

"Working with Kira has alleviated my migraine headaches..."  Read More >

"Working with Kira has alleviated my migraine headaches. At the height of my suffering I was getting a migraine every day. My headaches were accompanied by stroke-like symptoms. With the first treatment I started to notice a difference. After a few treatments, Kira had taught me techniques to manage my triggers and pain and I was able to focus my energy and not succumb to the headache. I have not had to take my migraine medication for over 6 months."
Client, Exshaw