Advanced Energy Healing and Energy Medicine

Kira Christoffersson, B.Sc., EEM- AP, CAIEHP
Eden Energy Medicine - Advanced Practitioner
Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is a sophisticated modality that brings balance to the body's nine energy systems, allowing the body to heal quickly and effectively.  EEM has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient eastern modalities.  Donna Eden combined her clairvoyant ability to see energies in the body with energy testing (Applied Kinesiology) to develop a system to restore the body's energies to health and happiness.  Advanced Integrative Energy Healing (AIEH) is another specialized healing modality that works with your biofield and chakras to bring balance and healing to your entire being.  In my practice in Canmore, Alberta, I offer these two powerful modalities that profoundly impact your energy systems by:

  • clearing energetic blockages
  • shifting energetic patterns, old stories, limiting beliefs, and healing issues
  • strengthening depleted energy and balancing excessive energy
  • returning your energetic flow to its natural balance so your body can begin to heal

What is your energy field?

The subtle energy field, known as the biofield, is the scientifically measurable bio-electromagnetic field that interpenetrates the physical body and extends beyond it.  It holds information about every aspect of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.  Any disruption or distortion in the field will directly impact you.  Stress, injury, illness and trauma can create these imbalances. As a result, bringing your energy field into a state of natural flow and coherence has a deep impact on your health at all levels.  Even if you are committed to a healthy diet and lifestyle, addressing these energy imbalances is fundamental for achieving optimal well-being.

What is the science of energy medicine and energy healing?

Energy healing is an ancient practice that has been reported by western scientific minds as early as the Pythagoreans around 500 B.C.. Many scientists have studied this phenomenon since that time.  The scientific world now knows that we are, in fact, crystallized energy and that energy fields interpenetrate and surround us, our heart field being the strongest. These energy fields can be mapped with precision by a sensitive magnetometer (SQUID).  Instruments such as the EEG and the ECG allow physicians to image properties of the field of a brain or heart, see distortions in the field and diagnose damage or disease.  Research has shown that tissue heals when exposed to certain frequencies.  Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) devices that manipulate the field are now used in mainstream medicine to speed bone healing, reduce pain, and treat depression and other conditions. The energy emanating from the hands of energy healing practitioners has been measured to be several orders of magnitude greater than the strongest human bio-magnetic field and found to be in the same frequency range as the range being tested in medical research laboratories for use in speeding the healing process of certain biological tissues. As science continues to explore the energy field and the impact it has on the health of the organism, scientific explanations accumulate of what energy healing actually does and why it works.


“Integrative Energy Healing is a subtle energy, intentional, full-spectrum therapeutic modality utilizing awareness dialogue and specific biofield, energy based treatments, focusing on multidimensional physical, emotional/somatic, mental, and spiritual aspects of healing. The aim is to restructure the human energy field toward higher levels of coherence.”
Ruth Lamb, RN, PhD., Human Becoming: A Guide to Soul-Centered Living (2014)

"Kira is a highly skilled practitioner. She is compassionate and professional and I would recommend her unequivocally to anyone seeking relief and healing, in any regard."  Read More >

"For my hip surgery, Kira's energy healing treatments, which started over a month prior to the surgery, made a significant difference in helping me to prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally and to lovingly release the part of my body that was not serving me anymore (my hip joint). Immediately before and after the surgery, Kira's treatments supported my body in releasing toxins from the medication I was given to control pain and the trauma of the procedure itself. Her work in the two weeks following the hip replacement ensured that this new 'part' was fully integrated and accepted into my body. Kira is a highly skilled practitioner. She is compassionate and professional and I would recommend her unequivocally to anyone seeking relief and healing, in any regard."
Client, Canmore